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Collaborative Work Placement

I met my client, Lee Pendleton, about 3/4 years a go when I first started my job in the bakery at Sainsburys in York. We worked together regularly allowing us to get to know each other really well and finding out a lot of things we both had a similar interest in. The one main interest we both had a very strong passion for is the Film and Animation business. Lee has a very strong passion for Sound Design and is trying to break into the business by setting up his own personal business in this area of expertise. He has started to make his own show reel presenting what he can do and what he knows about the business and why he would be a very useful asset to any Sound Design company. Lee and myself became very closely linked as Lee’s main aim is become a Sound Designer for Animated productions rather than Blockbuster Films and I am hoping to become an Animator in the future.

The more I saw Lee, the more I started to learn about the business of sound design and what he was hoping to do and he also started to learn about what I could do in the means of using 3DS MAX and Photoshop and the skills I have gained during my course. This led on to Lee asking if I could possibly make him a Logo for his business for him to use on documents to other companies and to promote himself. As I really wanted to be part of what could be a successful business in the future I jumped at the opportunity.

Meeting 1  – 28th March 2011

In the first meeting, Lee came round to my house and we both sat down and discussed what it was Lee was looking to acquire as his Logo as he had a brief image of how he wanted it to look. I also took notes so when Lee left I could start on creating a model in 3DS MAX to make a unique 3D Logo that would stand out and also give reflections and shadows to make the logo look more professional.

Meeting 2 – 4th April 2011

Lee came round again to my house and we once again sat down at my computer so I could present to him what I had created over the past week and see his opinions on the ideas I had laid up.

These are the ideas I created and allowed lee to look at them and make any changes and alterations that he may want to do.

This was the first image I created. I made the whole image from scratch using 3DS MAX and photoshop, I made the outside grey and black piece of the speaker by making a torus in 3DS MAX and assigning the grey and black colours to them and then layering them on top of each other, I then included a light source  in the form of a spotlight coming in from the right hand side to make a reflective shiny surface on the upper left hand side of the black part of the speaker as you can clearly see in the image to the left.

Next I created a sphere to put into the centre to make it look more like a speaker that you would find inside a car or in a subwoofer. This again has a reflection on it due to the light source that came in from the left hand side.

Once I had finished this I then saved the image as a TGA format file and exported it into photoshop. By saving it  as a TGA format file, the definition of the image stays exactly how the render produces it rather than a jpeg which usually creates distortion to an image making it look blurred and pixelated.

Once the image had been uploaded into photoshop I started to create the graphics on the inside of the speaker. I began with layering a textured hatched background giving the effect of the bobbles you find in a real speaker cone, then put a black, white and grey circular gradient in behind it. I then created the sound wave, this took a massive amount of time to create to make it look realistic enough, I used a motion blur on this to give off the impression that the speaker is pulsating to a beat.

Finally on this design I created ” The image” logo as this is the name Lee decided to call his company and duplicated it with another motion blur on the second duplicate.

In this image, I used the same speaker cone from the first idea but altered it a small amount by adding more defined edging and screw holes that complete the look of the speaker more professionally. I created another set of sound waves and warped them into such a way that it looks like they curve around the speaker and is showing that the speaker is pulsating. I used the same sound waves as I did on the side for the middle of the speaker and duplicated the edges and reversed them as well as changing the hue to make them blue rather than red.

Then as you can see if you look very closely I made a more softer sweeping sound wave to run through the centre of the other, shaprer sound wave.

I then added ” The Image ” and ” Sound Design” to the top and bottom of the speaker to finish off the logo.

Meeting 3 – 11th April 2011

After Lee and myself had gone through in detail the previous images from above, he decided that he would  like a mixture of the 2 images combined into one with a more unique style of writing and a backdrop for the speaker and also a more colourful speaker but only a subtle amount. So I reopened 3DS MAX and created a backdrop for the speaker and re-rendered the original with a backdrop and added some blue into the speaker, I used a car paint material for the blue as this made the speaker more definitive and added the sparkles and imperfections you get with a car rather than a simple blue finish thats perfect. Lee liked this idea as it made the speaker look more realistic and used rather than just a model than looks sketched and fake.

As you can see in the image I made sure that the geometry was perfect allowing each part of the speaker and the backdrop to be perfectly symmetrical, I altered the lighting on the model as well to make it focus more on the centre of the speaker allowing the grey effect in the middle piece to shine and reflect more.

Lee was over the moon with the outcome of the re-render and decided that this is how he wanted his final logo to look as a simple version. After deciding this we discussed how he wanted the detail on the logo to be produced. We talked about the sound waving for the image and the lettering too.

Meeting 4 – 25th April 2011

After a 2 week interval since meeting Lee last as he was away on holiday, it gave me time to think up some ideas for the lettering on the design after trying everything such as moving the letters about, using all sorts of different effects to the letters such as adding gradients, shadows, and blurring and general playing around with ideas, I eventually came up with the idea of wrapping the letters around the edges of the speakers backdrop. This gave a unique look to it and defined it in such a way that it looked more enclosed and well rounded off.

I also added in the final parts to the speaker by inserting the sound waves into the centre, this finished off the middle perfectly as adding a small amount of motion blur to the centre ring of the speaker and to the sharper part of the sound wave, it made the speaker look like it was really pulsating and coming to life.

 So this is how the final logo turned out. As you can see I changed the hue on the sweeping sound wave in the centre to make it yellow rather than red as it looks more pleasant as a primary colour than red does, I also inserted the writing, I had to do each letter individually to make sure that each letter was perfectly in line with the one before and after it and also the same distance away from the backdrop.

Meeting 5 – 2nd May 2011

In the final meeting with Lee we basically went over the whole final design and clarified any final points that he wished to change, he was overall very, very pleased with the final Logo and had only one request, this request was to add 4 small holes which can be seen in the image above that were made to look like screw holes for the backdrop.

Once we had inserted these I altered the levels and colour corrected the image allowing any bugs and errors with the colouring to disappear. I then uploaded the final image to Lee’s memory stick for him to take away and use at his own will.

What I would of improved on

Throughout the work placement I thought in my own mind that I could of improved on a certain few areas in my work.

Firstly, I thought that some of my photoshop work could of been improved on, for example, the way i created the sound waves. I thought that this was a good idea to do but i think i could of made them more defined by using a smaller amount of motion blur bringing out the clarity in them more.

Also, I think that the 3DS MAX renders could of been created to a higher quality as well as in some areas there are shadows which could of been deleted. This is really small and nit picky but sill noticeable to a trained eye.

What i thought went well

I thought the general work placement went very well, I enjoyed the creation of the logo and making it work, I also thought that the way we overcame the problems and the changes of which we had to make was enjoyable and taught me a few new lessons for the future. Lee was a really good client, really easy going which made it easy and less pressurised.


By taking part in this work placement, it has allowed me to learn the pressure you would receive when working for clients. This was a real learning curve for me and has brought a new insight for me to look upon and progress with into the future.


Challenge 4 – Common Photo

In this challenge we had to take a series of pictures showing our workspace. WE took about 20 photos from different angles and then had to import them all in to photoshop. Once the photos were impoted we then had to use the effects inside photoshop CS5 to create a pictureboard showing all of our photos layered with nice effects on them presenting them in a cool way.

The idea behind this challenge was to help give and understanding of how we can portray photos using photoshop so the person viewing it can get a better feel for what they are looking at and can understand what it is they are looking at better. By using composition and layering effects we can portray the photographs in a more enforced way allowing the users to view the photos in a more realistic way.

Time Movie Explanation

I started planning my movie by researching other videos on Youtube to get a feel for the type of project im looking to create. I started by deciding on making a time lapse. To do this, I used Blutac to mount my Iphone to the dashboard of my car, then started a journey recording the whole thing. Once this had being completed I then started creating the intro and exit for the video. I used various angles to make the video more attractive to add a different edge to the video.

I then edited the video piecing it all together using Final Cut Pro.

challenge 2 – storyboard

I chose to do my story board on the Prelude on fast and furious between the first movie and the second one. I thought this would be the perfect scene to do as it is already a  shortened clip to educate the audience to show what has already happened and what is about to happen. I started off at the first scene of the prelude and paused the dvd. Then I started to sketch out the main features that strike the audiences attention first.

I worked my way through the prelude and finished it about half way through, resulting in creating 12 drawings.

Challenge 3 – Little People

For this challenge we had to go out and take photos of the small little people figures. We had to put the figures into a position that would reflect real life. We put our figure in a position as if they were holding up the bonnet of a car. To do this we put opened the bonnet a small amount and put the figure in the gap to give off the perception of holding it up. Then we took a series of pictures to find the best ones and uploaded them.

We had a series of ideas that we could of done. We originally had the idea of sitting the figures on the seat and the gear stick to make it look like the figures was driving. We also had the idea of sitting the figures on the windscreen wipers with a small bucket and sponge to make ot look like they were cleaning the windscreen.

These are the pictures we thought were the best showing different ranges and angles.

Challenge 3 – InfoGraphics

In this challenge, the objective was to create an infographic on any topic of our choice. I decided to do mine on French cars due to there been three main makes that I could write about. These three makes were Citroen, Peugeot and Renault. I decided to do my infographic on french cars as there is a lot of areas that I could write about due to it being such a massive area in french culture. The french car making industry has such a massive history that I thought it would be a good, interesting subject of which to base my infographic on.

I created my whole infographic in Photoshop Cs5. I made the background myself by adding a black background and overlaying it with a concrete texture. Then I found pictures of some stripes based on the colours of the french flag and used Liquify to create the effect it has. Then I inserted all the information, pictures and created the logos.

This is how the final project turned out.

Challenge 4 – Pet Rock Exercise

This is my poster that i created in lesson today as the exercise was to create a prototype of a pet rock and import these ideas into a poster.

This is my final version.

We used photoshop to create he poster, this was the main reason for the exercise. The reason behind this was because we had spent the lesson learning certain features in photoshop such as gradient and texturing. I used these techniques in the pposter.